from 68 to 565 in 4 minutes

For the last week, I have been watching an eBay listing. Not that I was really watching it for 7 days, but I was definitely aware of it.

And, yesterday the auction ended.

All week, the corkscrew languished with a pretty low price, and then for most of yesterday it sat there at 68 dollars.

I had placed a rather significant snipe bid, and noticing that there was only 4 minutes to go–the last time I checked it–I figured that it was definitely going to be mine.

Of course, I also figured fotodeal would be going after it, but I placed a bid higher than one would think.

So, this morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and checked my email. No ebay notifications that I was the winning bidder.


And, the winning bidder was NOT fotodeal!


Apparently after a flurry of sniping and bidding that surely has the seller shocked and pleased, the Davis Improved corkscrew–with atypical blade attachment went from 68 dollars to 565!

Fotodeal did go after it, but was the underbidder, and I was the bid under his… And, then there were a bunch of others that had noticed the unusual Davis.

That said, it did go to someone that we all know well, and I am sure good photograph of it will ultimately go into the article I am working on. Congrats BT…it is a great corkscrew!

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