The plot thickens…

Amongst other important work, I am continuing my quest in researching the Frary & Son Cutlery Company with hopes of finding a means of linking Frary to the corkscrews attributed to him by Kenneth Cope.

And… the plot just thickened.

After some research and a couple of emails, an 1878 catalog of the Frary Cutlery Co has been scanned and arrived in my email box just hours ago. I have already poured over the pages, and no corkscrews are mentioned. That said, it would make sense that Frary’s corkscrews were not being produced until the 1880’s to 1890’s, as the hercules mechanism he used wasn’t patented until 1893 and the Reissman patent wasn’t introduced until the mid 1890’s

So, maybe the plot didn’t thicken…

But, it does at least add to the story.

That said, I will keep hunting for information on Frary…

More from the newly discovered catalog soon!!!!

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