a Williamson Roundlet with Christian Kolb advertising

Yesterday, an interesting lot turned up on eBay. It had a 20 dollar opening price, and pictured on the listing were two Williamson Bottle Roundlets with advertising.

In the seller’s listing they described them as having advertisements for Cunninghams and Christian Kolb. However, the picture was pretty blurry, and one couldn’t make out the actual advertisements. And, she didn’t actually show the corkscrews themselves, just the closed roundlets.

I threw it on my watch list, and went about my business. A bit later, I was went back to look to see if better pictures had been added, and the listing was gone. Ended.


And, then, it reappeared. With a Buy it Now.

The previously listing ended at 2:47 West Coast Time, and then was relisted at 2:54 where it sat for about 20 minutes…

With the poor photo, lacking actual pictures of the helixes themselves, I stared and contemplated. Surely someone asked for the buy it now, was it worth the gamble that they are in good shape?

Were other collectors having the same contemplative moment?

I went ahead and clicked the button. Might as well go for it.

With the Cunningham’s bottle roundlet, I knew what the badge should look like…

After a little research however, I haven’t been able to find an example of the Christian Kolb, Allegheny bottle roundlet. It doesn’t appear on Don Bull’s Roundlet list Nor, does it appear in Ken Hark’s article on Williamson Bottle Roundlets

What I have learned, is that Christian Kolb Alleghany may refer to a restaurant that once sat at 311 Federal Street in Alleghany–as there is a reference for that in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 81, Concentrated Commercial Feeding Stuffs in Pennsylania: An Investigation by the Department of Agriculture of Pennsylvania in Co-Operation with the Pennsylvania State College Agricultural Experiment Station by WM Frear Ph.D.

That is quite the title of a book…just rolls off the tongue, but I digress.

I should add that the Bulletin No. 81 was published in 1901.

It remains to be seen if the helixes are complete, on these two little roundlets, and if the gamble was worth it.

But, I will report back when they arrive! Do any of you have a Christian Kolb Williamson Roundlet?

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