not even in the running…

Recently an oversized Walker corkscrew was listed on eBay, and it sat there largely unnoticed for most of the week. Well, at least I thought it was going unnoticed.

And, I placed a bid, and after being outbid later in the week, placed another.

Then, I placed a fairly high snipe bid, and went about my business.

With it languishing at all of about 40 bucks, could it be that I might actually win it?

Not even close.

Nope, I didn’t even make the list.

My snipe (several hundred) was taken out by the second underbidder…

whose hopes were squashed by the first underbidder…

whose corkscrew lust was squelched by the winning bidder.

And, no…the winning bidder was not Fotodeal. Congrats “corkmasterdjm”

On another corkscrew note…

I did receive the Decorated Detroit Leg the other day, and it is simply stunning. That puts the Davis/Detroit/Puddefoot count up to an even dozen. Still, if you have 12, why not add others.

Feel free to send pictures of you Detroit Waiter’s corkscrews, and I will gladly make a trade for them. In particular, I am looking for a Puddefoot or Davis with Pabst advertising on it!


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