worth the gamble

The other day, I mentioned two roundlets that were relisted with a buy it now on eBay. But, with a fuzzy photo, and lacking any picture of the helixes, it was going to be a gamble on whether they were worth the price.

And, as it turns out. They were.

The Cunningham’s roundlet has a nice badge, but could stand a little cleaning. However, the worm is tipped slightly. That said, it actually appears to have happened in manufacturing–or at least a loooooooong time ago, as it is quite smooth.

“A broken worm, and you still think it was worth it?” you ask…

Actually yes, as the other roundlet in the lot is simply stunning. And, I do believe it is the same Christian Kolb mentioned the other day, except he apparently moved his restaurant by the time the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 81, Concentrated Commercial Feeding Stuffs in Pennsylania: An Investigation by the Department of Agriculture of Pennsylvania in Co-Operation with the Pennsylvania State College Agricultural Experiment Station was published, as this one has a different street address on the badge.

As luck would have it, it has a nice sharp helix as well.

Definitely worth the gamble.

And, once again, thanks to the unnamed binner (and voicemailer) who arranged the BIN to be added.


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