JFO plans

Over the last couple of days, I have been booking hotels, flights, rental car, and seeking out what antiquing adventures that can be had whilst in Las Vegas for the upcoming JFO meeting in April.

Both TC and I will fly out for the meeting with hopes that the JFO’ers bring corkscrews for trade and sale. Of course, we would love to top last year’s adventure where we uncovered a collection of 3000 corkscrews for sale on a random antique mall visit.

That said, in the years I have been attending the JFO, there have been some fantastic deals, trades, and finds… For those of you that have never been, it is definitely worth the price of admission and then some.

There are ALWAYS corkscrews, and it is simply a great group of people.

And, if that isn’t enough to convince you, here is a list of some of the corkscrews that have made their way into my collection over the years at the JFO–I am only listing the higher end ones here…

2006 – Nashville; amongst many corkscrews a lovely Mumford Patent, but I missed out on a Giant Walker (which DB acquired)

2007 – Harrisburg, PA; TC, Mark, and I all hit the JFO and added a DICO, U-NEEK, Syroco, Carved Corozo Nut corkscrew, ladies legs, marked Chinnock patent, Ross Pig, Theiry and Crosselmire, and a Coffin Guy corkscrew to our various collections.

2008 – St. Louis, MO – TC and I made some monumental trades at the meeting, but I also picked up a 6 tool bow and a folding celluloid lady!

2009 – Troy, MI; BT and I hit the meeting, and by the end of the meeting had a collection of 44 corkscrews including Nylin and most importantly a Peerless!

2010 – San Antonio, TX; TC and I traveled the (entire) state of Texas in search of corkscrews, and only managed to pick up a Haff with Button, but at the meeting, I scored a mint Clough Powercone and an awesome M-73 that was a souvenir from Miami, FL.

2011 – Cedar Rapids, IA; and, once again TC and I hit the meeting. The figural Black Crow was the highlight from day one, and Tommy scored the Atwood Six that made his Best 6, but the collection of 3000 corkscrews was definitely legendary–and the 1883 White Patent was quite the find.

What will 2012 in Las Vegas, NV bring… I can hardly wait!!!

On another note, the lovely and I used the Detroit Leg the other night, and it worked fabulously!