Should I go into that thrift store?

Whilst out hunting around for corkscrews, there have been a couple of times where I have asked myself “Should I go into that thrift store.”

Could there be some rarity inside? Something worth buying?

Several years ago, in Chicago, I ran across a lovely bar set with corkscrew sitting amongst the silverware, countless sharp objects, and other kitchen utensils.

At that same thrift store (on Diversey and Halsted if any of you are going to be in the neighborhood), I picked up a signed Lund Rack, a Korkmaster, and several other interesting corkscrews–as well as a few cuts from digging through the box of knives and corkscrews a little too vigorously. And, if you are in that area, check out the Brown Elephant as well–go North on Halsted through Boys Town, it is on the right as you approach Sheridan.

(but I digress)

Not too long ago, a Jopson patent appeared on eBay…knowing the seller, as we had done business before, in an email exchange he explained, “I got it in a bag of kitchen tools at a local thrift store…for a dollar”

Well, as it happened, I was contacted the other day regarding another corkscrew, and after speaking with the emailer over the phone, came to find out it was another thrift store find. And, what a find it is.

Yes, a Philos Blake patent.

At a thrift store!

From what I understand, this particular corkscrew is being shopped around to the usual suspects, and will probably sell for a fair amount of money. And, to whomever it goes, I am sure they will treasure it.

And, while the next Goodwill/Second Hand/Thrift Store you encounter might seem less than appropriate to pick up a rare corkscrew, and you find yourself asking, “should I go into that thriftstore?”

by all means…

Go in!!!


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