53 days and 11 hours

Well, the countdown has begun. And, with March Madness upon us, soon enough baseball season will start, the JFO will take place in Las Vegas and then…


Rumor has it the Wineleopard himself may make an appearance at the May 2012 antiques extravaganza. And, while that means a little more competition for the corkscrews to be had, it will make for a fun week of antiquing with one of the corkscrewteers.

Yes… 53 days, 11 hours till Brimfield officially opens.

What will be found this year??? A Sperry, Tucker, or Chippendale? Perhaps a Tormey, Powercone, or Peerless? Maybe a Trunk, Dickson, or Hoegger?

Who will have bragging rights at the Student Prince this year…?

53 days…

I can hardly wait!!!


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