Wounded whilst corkscrew hunting…

The other day I mentioned about how I actually cut myself whilst rummaging through a box of kitchen implements a little too vigorously. And, this morning an email came through from Gav which read,

“I had to laugh after reading through your latest blog update.

I cut myself also, rummaging through a cutlery box in a brick-a-brac shop when on a day trip to Croma. It was a 50p box and i found a nice vintage pocket corkscrew with caplifter well worth £10.00.

What did you cut yourself on? mine was caused by a two spiked meat fork. ouch!”

After thinking about it, I believe the box of kitchen implements got me several times. And, while it was several years ago, I remember needing to wrap up my wounded index finger to keep from spilling too much blood over the offending box of objects.

Of course, I kept on digging… what if there was a rare corkscrew underneath all the dangerous sharp bladed utensils.

I can’t rightly answer Gav’s question, as it was a big box with hundreds of items within it, but it suffices to say I eventually learned my lesson.

No, I didn’t stop rummaging vigorously.

I simply brought along a sufficient amount of medical supplies.

Okay, not really…

However, it did occur to me that not only do we sacrifice sleep, one could experience exhaustion, weariness, dehydration, heat stroke, sunburn, frost bite, twisted ankles, blisters on one’s feet, the aforementioned (practically) severed index finger, and other medical emergencies while hunting for corkscrews; could our twisted obsession result in hospitalization???

And, while I think the most I have ever actually suffered was a small cut (or two) from the Chicago thrift store mis-adventure, as with Gav, there must be other stories of bloodshed, ankle sprains, and loss of limb out there.

Given that one can post comments on the blog, I would like to hear from you–or you can email me. What ills have you suffered for this twisted obsession? Did you continue bravely despite your ailment? Was the pain worth it?