While I have owned several examples of the American Peapod corkscrew over the years, I have long been trying to acquire its German and French counterparts.

And, these little folding corkscrews have continued to prove difficult to find. Technically they are available from time to time–on the ICCAuction for example–however, the prices always climb to such a point that I can’t bring myself to spring for one of them.

The Perille Perle in particular, is such a simple little corkscrew, that I keep waiting to come across it at some flea market, antique show, estate sale for a fairly reasonable price.

BT and I have had a recurring conversation whilst we traipse the fields of Brimfield about pieces that look simple, but in reality are quite desirable; like the Barnes patent bow, Clark direct pull corkscrew, and other simple straightforward looking corkscrews. If the seller isn’t aware of those subtle differences that make a nice corkscrew a fantastic corkscrew, it is generally going to end up on a table along side an unmarked Havell bow, or Williamson T with similar pricing.

So…I hunt, and hunt, and hope, and hunt some more, but the Perle still hasn’t shown up at all, let alone with a nice price of say… 20 dollars or so.

Of course, if you wait long enough, are diligent enough, or in my case, lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, the piece just might turn up.

As it happened, the other day an interesting lot of smoker’s tools appeared on our second favorite auction site–the aforementioned ICCAuction being the favorite.

Within the smoker’s tools lot was what looked to be the Perle!

I looked closely at the listing, and was pretty sure, but happened to have Peters & Giulian’s book on pocket corkscrews nearby. I quickly thumbed through the book to page 163…and it looks really close.

Yes… the Perle is sitting right there with the lovely “buy it now” price of 20 dollars, how could I resist!

I clicked, and did the corkscrew-dance-of-joy!

Interestingly, it was only moments after clicking the BIN button that the phone rang. While the caller will not be identified, I answered the phone, and got to hear something like, “You *(&(^&%)(*#$)@%%#@. I can’t (*$)#(*)$ing believe you got that”

(expletives removed to protect the innocent)

The conversation did go on from there about other topics, but if there was any doubt that I had indeed found the Perille Perle Pliant, they had just been confirmed.

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