Open that bottle night…

The lovely personal trainer and I will shortly be heading down the street to a friend’s house for our annual open that bottle night. And, we will be bringing a bottle that does indeed to be opened.

Not that other bottles don’t

And, truth be told, this isn’t one of those bottles that has been sitting around waiting for the appropriate occasion to be opened, and the occasion has yet to present itself.

We actually have the better part of the case of said wine, which by coincidence was acquired in a corkscrew deal. Our friend Shel, who owns (and is the winemaker) at Paloma Vineyards also collects corkscrews. And, we negotiated swap of a corkscrew for the equivalent value of his wine.

Here are a few of the tasting notes from Wine Spectator: Plush, ripe and elegant, with fragrant currant, caramel and olive aromas and supple, beautifully layered plum, cedar and loamy, toasty oak flavors that are wrapped around a dense, complex core

Both Robert Parker and WS gave Sheldon’s wine a rating in the 90’s. And, as it happened, the Paloma Merlot made WS’ top 100 wines of the year in 2009.

While, Shel did get a nice corkscrew, I think we actually made out on the trade : )

For those concerned, after opening the bottle tonight, we will still have 7 bottles left…

The question remains, what corkscrew should accompany the bottle–in order to remove that which is keeping us from the”…elegant…beautifully layered plum[my], cedar and loamy, toasty oak flavor[ed}…dense, complex…” yumminess.

I am thinking the fancy decorated Detroit leg would be an appropriate choice. And, I am sure Shel would agree.

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