Okay…it’s officially an obsession…

As mentioned in the past, once you have one or two of a particular corkscrew or corkscrew maker, you might as well collect a few more–or perhaps 16 more.

And, although I have recently added a few Detroit/Davis/Puddefoot corkscrews to the collection, another Davis was ending last night on eBay…

While this looks like an ordinary Davis, it carried an advertisement for Greenway Brewing.

Now, I do have a Puddefoot/Detroit with Greenway Brewing, but not a Davis–this is where you are surely saying, you are getting a little obsessed with these things–and so I placed a snipe bid, and went off to dinner with the lovely bride.

When I had last checked the Davis was sitting there at 36 dollars. I figured I had a pretty good chance of adding the corkscrew to the collection.


I came up short…


Maybe next time….


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