a few corkscrews…

As mentioned recently, after dropping the lovely personal trainer at the airport–who was bound for a personal training/fitness conference–I headed off on an antiquing adventure. And, I did start heading towards Antique Alley in New Hampshire.

However, the first 5 stores/shops I came to were closed.


That said, I did find a few that were open, and did find corkscrews. None that I really wanted to buy, but there WERE corkscrews.

After departing Antique Alley, I headed towards Quechee Gorge–site of legendary past finds by a myriad of collectors. And, as often is the case, the great find remained elusive. Perhaps tomorrow, I thought to myself.

This morning started with some bad coffee, and a long drive. Would the drive be worth it???

(Cue the dramatic music).

It was indeed worth it. At my third stop this morning, I unearthed a Curley Patent for a very nice price…and this price was even better as it was a group pricing for two corkscrews and a couple of bottle openers.

And, on the next stop… A KISPLY for a song–not that I actually sang.

After a few more stops, I realized that I needed to get back on the road and start heading for home. I grabbed a cup of coffee and spun the mini around. Having seen a few shops that were not open on the drive out, I figured I would retrace my steps.

For one shop, I called ahead, and it definitely paid off. I explained that I would be passing through, but I had heard rumor that he had some corkscrews. 30 minutes later, I was inside the shop, and looking at a small collection. We discussed pricing and such, and while I departed empty handed, the negotiations are ongoing for several.

After the box of corkscrews, I headed off trying to get a few more miles behind me. And, as I approached my destination for the evening, I saw another antique store. It couldn’t hurt to take in one more could it???

The antique shop really didn’t pay off in a great way, but it was still an interesting visit. I meandered the booths, and hadn’t seen anything worth buying. I then headed upstairs, and entered a booth and saw a Clough sitting on the shelf. Priced at 10 dollars, I decided to pass it up.

And, on the shelf nearby…

Within the same booth, there was a double helix Clough for less money than either of the other two. I did buy that one. Odd that the dealer who had all three Cloughs would think the double helix is somehow worth less than those with a single helix.

On a non-corkscrew note, I did pick up an interesting Anri-looking bottle stopper.

I have still have tomorrow to hunt around, before heading up to the boat and sailing for home…perhaps more corkscrews will be found. And, I will update the blog, should something turn up.