I got back on the island yesterday, after the most recent corkscrewing adventure. And, there were a couple of arrivals waiting in the post office box.

The Davis foursome, which now puts the current count of Detroit corkscrews at 17 give or take.

A nice Williamson Flash, which will surely end up in TC’s collection

And, an interesting Stroh’s ceramic advertising stopper… (I know, it isn’t a corkscrew…)

Speaking of corkscrews, in my drive back home the other day, I happened upon an antique store, and after hunting around a bit, the owner asked what I was looking for. After responding with, “antique corkscrews,” he said… “Oh yes, you have been in before, I have one in back for you.”

As he disappeared, I thought to myself… I am pretty sure that I have never been here before, but I will roll with it (this was actually the second time this happened in two days).

He reappeared from the back of the shop, empty handed, but proceeded to talk about a corkscrew with a single lever mechanism and a walnut handle…

Could he have a Sperry in the back of his shop?

I did consider asking him to go hunt around some more, but eventually decided to express my interest in whatever he finds, and he promised to save the corkscrew for me, and will call once it turns up again.

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