One for me, One for Tommy

I received an email late yesterday that included a couple of pictures of corkscrews and openers that a person is looking to part with.

Two in particular were of interest, and I responded asking how much they were looking for.

This morning there was a suggestion of a price range, to which I responded by suggesting we split it in the middle. While he hasn’t responded, given what was in the picture, I figure there would be a second split–one between me and Tommy.

Now, I still haven’t spoken to Tommy to let him know that we are sharing in the deal with this guy, so hopefully when he reads this he will be amenable to sharing in the purchase of the two corkscrews.

Tommy, since you will probably be reading this shortly, you are in for a portion of the sales price : )

And, so it looks like a nice example of the Youhanaie Patent devil corkscrew will be heading to Vinalhaven, and another Flash will make its way into TC’s.

btw: It doesn’t have to be split 50/50…


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