There was a lot of corkscrews, or should I say a corkscrew lot, listed on eBay yesterday with a buy it now. And, for some reason I decided to take a chance on it. Nothing really looked that fantastic, but there was a double helix Clough that I hope will carry some beer advertising across its handle.

And, given I had just received my most recent “ebay bucks” certificate, the lot really wasn’t going to cost me much at all.

So, I went for it.

Shortly after making the purchase, I received an email from the seller, explaining that they had a can opener lot on as well, and if I wanted that, I could have it for 20 dollars.

I quickly went to their listings, found the can opener lot, and within it saw a somewhat familiar corkscrew.

However…at that moment, there was no buy it now on the listing.

And, I had to go to a meeting on the restoration/renovation on the old fire hall here on Vinalhaven, so if the aforementioned seller wanted to add a buy it now to the auction, which as they had suggested “i have two house of stuff to list. i need to move them. thanks…” I was probably going to miss out.

I went to the meeting anyway, and upon my return had two emails. One of which read, “…also who is syrocokid he wants to but it know. advise $20.00 and free ship with the can opener lot.thanks.”

I am sure he meant, that Tommy wanted to buy it now, but really, to question, who is the Syrocokid?

Surely you have seen his mug at the local post office.

I responded saying, I was indeed interested, and Syrocokid will have to get the next one (sorry Tommy).

Still, the Joseph Salomone patent (circa 1931) might be missing the slotted lever–but then again, it might just be hiding on the other side of the opener. And, for 20 bucks…it too is worth the chance. We shall see when the lot arrives.

On another note, it is officially baseball season! Go Giants!


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