time for a new obsession…

First off, Happy Easter!

As is pretty widely known, or at least known by those of you that read this, I have lately been afflicted with an obsession for Detroit/Puddefoot/Davis corkscrews.

And, as of Friday, two more arrived and with a potential deal with Tipped Worm Johnny next week at the JFO, I am pretty sure I have gone nearly as far as one can go with this, for the time being.

Yes, there are a couple more variations of advertising, and there is the rare wire version of the Puddefoot, but I believe it may be time for a new obsession.

It did start with Syroco, then it was Barnes, then came Murphy, followed by Frary, and while I have been collecting all kinds of other corkscrews along the way, the Detroit thing just happened. First the Puddefoot with blade, then the Detroit Leg, and the Detroit Improved Mermaid… However, now that I am up to 14 variations, perhaps it is time to move on to something else–perhaps corkscrews from Troy, NY or…

Or…who knows?, however I have no doubt I might find inspiration on the current ICCAuction. 1000 lots up for bidding as of yesterday. Definitely some unbelievable corkscrews! You can link to the auction here