As mentioned the other day, there was a lot of corkscrews that looked that it might have a Anheuser-Busch marked double helix corkscrew in and amongst the other corkscrews in the listing. But, without any response from the seller, I decided to take a chance. And, as luck would have it, when the box arrived today, it was indeed marked!

Of course, it was the 1931 Joseph Salomone Patent from the additional lot that was offered that I was most excited to release from its cardboard, newspaper and packing tape wrapping

And, as the corkscrew gods happen to be shining down on me at this very moment, the Salomone Patent is complete, and not missing the sardine key. It is all there, and is marked “WORLD’S BEST CAN OPENER CO. PAT. NO 1805011 TEMPERED BLADE MADE IN U.S.A.”

Definitely a nice piece for the collection.

Still, there was something else in and amongst the openers and corkscrews that were all boxed together. And, this is equally exciting–well, maybe not equally, but still cool.

One of the openers in the box happened to be marked with a patent date–the marking is not common, the opener is not that common, and there is a corkscrew connection.

More on this connection soon : )


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