“…corkscrew with a head that comes off.”

Several weeks back, an acquaintance on the island, explained that he was cleaning out someone’s house and found a “…corkscrew with a head that comes off.” And, proceeded to explain it was in the shape of a man, wearing a jacket.

Syroco or Anri thought to myself, and the guy promised to bring it by, or at least put it in his truck, so he could show it to me the next time he saw me.

So, while I was setting up the wine bar the other night, I looked up to see the the aforementioned acquaintance standing outside the window–with corkscrew in hand.

After entering, he handed me the corkscrew, and upon looking at it, we negotiated a fair price. It was indeed Anri, and we were both happy with the deal. And, that evening, the little Anri guy helped me tend bar for the evening.

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Always nice when someone keeps you in mind, when they come across an antique or vintage corkscrew, and while not a rare corkscrew in the grand scheme of things, it is pretty cool.

And, he has an Anri sticker under his feet.


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