JFO Day One

I arrived in Vegas on Tuesday night, but given the timing of my flight, and the three hour time difference, I opted for a simple nosh and some sleep.

Of course, being on East Coast time, meant I was up and raring to go at about 3:00 in the morning. However, I decided to refrain from going out and trying to grab a cup of coffee (not easy to find in Vegas at this particular hour) and start my day in the wee hours of the morning.

However, I figured would pack up, and head to the hotel where the meetings would be held, and given it wasn’t terribly far—four miles—I decided to walk (still looking for coffee)

After my arrival, I ran into JC and Tipped Worm Johnny, and within short order the first corkscrew deal was done with TWJ for a Davis patent with advertising for GERK Brewing.

For all of you wondering, I did find some coffee.

I also picked up a couple of interesting multi-tools with corkscrews, and 4 T handles with blades or spikes, from JC. A few of these are marked. These definitely some handsome corkscrews.

TWJ were still negotiating on another corkscrew, and while we were, he pulled out an interesting Mumford patent. It looks to have shorter prongs, but these haven’t been broken. And, what is even cooler is that is is marked under the corkscrew as opposed to around the collar.

Marked PAT MAR 4, 79 PATS. PENDING, it makes it a bit earlier than those that are marked on the collar. Definitely a nice piece to add to the collection, and being a prong puller, no worries about a tipped worm.

As it happened, by evening’s end, another deal was struck between TWJ and I, and an another Davis will be added to the growing collection, this one with a blade and advertisement for Pabst Brewing!

Of course, I will still be on the hunt for Detroit/Davis/Puddefoot corkscrews, as well as others, but the deals, purchases, and trades, definitely made for an interesting day one.

Speaking of, Tommy arrived around midday, and in short order was making deals as well. I have already lost track, but I am thinking he picked up 4 zig-zags, a kisply, a pair of ladies legs, 9 flashes, a korkmaster jr, an M-73 slider, and a champion bar screw. There are probably others.

Speaking of Bar Screws…I was tempted to pick this one up, just for kicks. However, to this point, it remains in one of the other JFOer’s room.

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