Day Two…and Three

Day two of the JFO started with me heading off to pick up a rental car so TC and I could hit some of the local—and not so local—antique shops in the area.

And, given that we were located about 5 miles from the airport, where the rental car was to be picked up, I figured…what the heck, why not run there.

I was keeping a pretty good pace, however, the directions that I had failed to explain that one section of the planned course wasn’t exactly open to pedestrians…

I stayed the course, and hoped that any legal authority would either ignore the transgression if they saw me, or better yet, I would suddenly have the power to become invisible.

Anyway, I did manage to get to the car place undetected, well, until I wanted to be detected by the rental agent. And, shortly thereafter was heading back to the hotel to pick up TC.

He was out late that night, and there is even a video of him kicking up his heels. Feel free to email him to see the video.

After brief room-to-room, we grabbed breakfast, and then hit the various antique malls and shops in Las Vegas. Not much to be had, or worth buying rather.

but at our last shop, I found an interesting opener with corkscrew, which if I am not mistaken is the part of the Napier spoon with jigger that so often goes missing—I should clarify, the spoon is what usually turns up and it is the corkscrew that seems to go missing—or perhaps it too has the ability to become invisible : )

In between the various shops and malls, TC stopped by to visit Rick, Corey Old Man and Chumlee—none of whom were present–but their shop was slammed with customers.

We didn’t find any corkscrews there either, and I opted against buying any I heart Chumlee merchandise.

After the circuitous route from store to store to mall to store to pawn shop to store to store, we headed back to the hotel for a little more room to room trading. A few more deals were made…

Rumor had it that there was a collector from California who was coming in with 350 pounds of bottle openers, and he has some corkscrews as well. We headed over to his room, alas he was elsewhere…

However, this morning when I was headed down for coffee, one of the JFOer’s alerted me that his room was currently open, and he has corkscrews!

Within short order, I was inside the room–with several others rifling through the tonnage of bottle openers, can openers, and corkscrews!

Out of the 350 pounds, I only made a very minor dent. Picking up a very nice one for me, and a bunch of flashes for Tommy. All for a very very very nice price.

Tomorrow is the show, which will be open to the public, and you never know what might also turn up. And, you have to look forward to TWJ’s fire sale at the end of the day!!!

More news soon!