Back from Vegas

Yesterday afternoon, I got back from Las Vegas–with corkscrews in tow.

Actually, I got back from Vegas the day before that, but the lovely personal trainer headed down to meet me in Portland, where we had a fabulous dinner at Fore Street

We meandered up the coast yesterday, and hopped on the new boat, and made it across late yesterday.

The stay on the island will be short however, as in short order I will be heading back to America, and then will be heading down for Brimfield. Rumor has it that RC will not be making the trip, which means there will one less corkscrew collector traipsing the fields on hunt for helixes, still with BT, KC, AB, and MG showing up, the competition will still be fierce

well, not fierce really, but they will be there.

Speaking of helixes, there is a new record sale on the ICCAuction. Yes, over this past weekend the first round of auctions ended, and a Read’s Coaxer was sold for $ 35,555.00 !!!


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