Comparing Copperfields

As mentioned yesterday, there are a bunch of Syroco corkscrews which have been added to the collection–and to other people’s collections–some of these have already been shipped off.

However, in going through the collection, I decided to compare the Syrocos that I already have with those that recently arrived. And, in looking at the Copperfield corkscrew, he looked…well…like he had put on weight since the time I got mine some 8 years ago.

While, I don’t have calipers–or a micrometer–handy, there is definitely a size difference between the two. He is thicker. He has broader shoulders. His hat is bigger around, and his facial features are a bit wider.

In looking at an additional Copperfield–which will soon be heading to Tucson–he too is the thinner version. That said, the thicker one is the direct pull variety, and the thinner ones are both bell assist.

If any of you have a direct pull Copperfield, is he thick or thin? Or alternatively, if any of you have the bell assist version, does he exist with the thicker wider features?

If you do, feel free to drop me a line.

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