trading with RL, winning a corkscrew, and packing for Brimfield….

Several years ago, RL and I made our first trade of corkscrews. And, since then we have made many others. In the beginning, it seemed to go something like:

JL: You want it?

RL: Sure.

JL: What do you have to trade?

RL: How about a this German Spring.

JL: Okay.

And, the deal was done.

Okay, it probably wasn’t quite that simple, but it was close. Now, when we get to trading it takes weeks. Phone conversations are had. Emails are sent. Other phone conversations are held. We relive our previous trades, and mention who got the better of the deal, and then we go back to considering the trade. T
here are some corkscrews that are off limits, that won’t be leaving either of our respective collections, but we still ask. RL will ask for my Barnes patent bow, and I will ask for his Frary Gundlach corkscrew, even though both of us know that the other isn’t going to part with it.

Still, it never hurts to ask. Maybe he will be having a weak moment : )

And, so the trading conversation has been taking place regarding the Hagenauer Jockey. Thus far there have been emails, phone calls, mentions of previous trades, etc.

I am guessing by Brimfield (next week) we will have some kind of trade worked out–maybe I should ask for his Gundlach again…

Meanwhile, there was a nice little corkscrew / opener lot listed on a non-eBay auction site, and for the past couple of weeks, it sat there with myself as the high bidder. And, the auction ended last night.

Actually, I was the high bidder at 10 dollars moments before the auction ended, and I was still the winning bidder when the auction ended, but it was a fair amount above 10 bucks. Still, it was a nice little American pocket corkscrew that I have wanted for some time.

No, not the Nifty…

The corkscrew at the bottom is actually John Sommer’s 1914 design patent #45,678 for a “design for a bottle-opener.” The patent drawing doesn’t show the corkscrew attached.

Definitely a nice little corkscrew to add to the collection–and one that will be on the “non-trade” list : )

And, it is finally that time of year… Brimfield Antique show starts on Tuesday, and on Monday I will be heading off the island, and making the drive down there. BT will be heading down to, as well as KC, MG, BW, AB, and probably a few others. May is always a good show, and I have no doubt there will be corkscrews to be found–who finds what, and if there are truly any rarities, we shall see.

Oh Yes. Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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