updating the Murphy Corkscrew page

After having quite the Murphy-focused week at Brimfield, I decided to go back and see where I could update the Murphy Corkscrew website

So, after going through the corkscrew case, I realized I had several that I could add to the site that hadn’t been pictured before; Stag Handled Murphy Button, Wooden Handle Murphy Button, Murphy Victor with Wire Worm, Murphy with PAT. APL’D FOR mark, and Murphy with Williamson Bell.

As it happened, when I looked closely at the Murphy with the PAT. APL’D FOR mark, while cleaning it up a bit, I noticed that under the bell, it carries the HARVED. MASS marking with the 1901 patent date. I went and looked at the two others I have with that marking under the bell, and noticed that the wooden handle one also has a PAT. APL’D FOR mark on the shaft, yet the stag handled one doesn’t have that marking.

Also interesting, is if the bell has the patent date listed–which it does–why would the shaft read PAT. APL’D FOR? Does anyone have a PAT. APL’D for Murphy that doesn’t have the patent date?

Feel free to check out the website for the new additions!

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