29 Garage Sales, 3 Flea Markets, 4 Corkscrews, and 1 Big Green Egg

The other day, the lovely and I headed down to Portland, and along the way I counted 29 garage sale signs…

However, given that we had to get down to Portland, and back up to the boat by a certain time, I merely breezed past in the Mini, wondering what rare corkscrews might be stashed in someone’s garage.

And, we breezed past a couple of flea markets as well, made it down to Portland to Trader Joe’s and the Flea for All (where there were no corkscrews), and were shortly heading back up the coast. Given we were making good time, on the way back up, we stopped at Montsweag Flea Market.

Montsweag is a terrific little spot that opens on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and in the past I have picked up some decent corkscrews there. And, with a total of 10 minutes to scour the field for corkscrews, I set about the hunt.

9.5 minutes later, I was done. Right on schedule!

In the field were 4 corkscrews, none of which I had to have, so we were back in the Mini and heading back to the boat.

So, while we had a great time, no corkscrews of note were to be found. Maybe next time!

On another note…while my birthday isn’t until tomorrow, yesterday the lovely surprised me with a fantastic gift–something I have wanted for some time.

A Big Green Egg!!!

Let the smoking of lobster begin!!!!


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