Curley Variant and 69 days!

The lovely bride headed off island on Friday to visit with some friends who have a fantastic house in Port Clyde. And, given they both enjoy antiquing, they met us as the boat, and we started heading North and hit antique stores along the way.

We did see a few corkscrews that we passed on, and did find a stained Syroco Old Codger which was a fair price (45 dollars) but had some cracks in it, so left that behind as well. Interesting however, was the conversation with the person at the antique store who was sitting behind the counter. She explained that she had the Golden Knight a couple of years ago, and made the mistake of listing it on eBay for about 20 dollars–on a Buy it Now. I listened smiling, and thinking to myself “Thanks for doing that!”

I am pretty sure I bought that one.

The codger remains at her store, so if anyone is up in Ellsworth, Maine it is in that new antique mall on a shelf directly across from the cash register.

After a fabulous lunch at Cleonice, and then espressos at Rooster Bros., we began the drive back down towards Port Clyde–with a brief stop at the Trash or Treasure Barn. This time there was much trash, and little treasure, but I did pick up a Williamson Roundlet for cheap.

Dinner of fresh Halibut (from our neighbor on Vinalhaven) and some lovely wines rounded out the day.

Of course, over the course of the day, when time and circumstance allowed for it, I was checking the eBay app on the iPhone to see how the Curley corkscrew variant was doing.

I had noticed this corkscrew when it was first listed, and thought the mechanism looked quite unusual. I searched the various books that I have, screwbase, and then the patent drawings on Google Patents, and couldn’t find another example.

Might this slip through?

Of course it couldn’t!

I was considering a snipe bid, and went back to look at the pictures. This might be a prototype, but I also questioned the way the handle fit into the notches in the frame. There are two notches, but only one tooth to fit into said notch. Without having the corkscrew in my hand to examine it, I was unsure if there should have been two teeth that would fit into the two notches. Still, even if it was broken, surely it is worth a fair amount.

After looking closely at the pictures, I opted not to bid. But, I was definitely interested to see where it would end up. With an hour or so to go, it was in the 400 dollar range.

By the end of the auction the price was a bit higher, with the winning bid being 2087.00. Whilst considering the snipe, I was thinking closer to the price of the embossed handled Curley with wrong patent date. That said, it seems regardless of what I would have bid, it was going to end up heading to Romania.

Yes, Fotodeal grabbed it.

Yesterday we headed back to the island, but not before heading over to Sweetgrass Winery in Union. While they are making some interesting fruit wines, the make a fabulous gin. If you can find some, and drink martinis, you should definitely try it.

On the Tommy-Blog-Watch, it is has been 69 days since it has been updated.

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