100 corkscrews and 71 days

The other day I received an email with an offer to buy a collection of 100 corkscrews, and if I was indeed interested, they would cut me a deal if I took all of them.

Apparently the same email was sent to the various corkscrewteers that reside in the United States. And, so I sent emails to TC, MW, and RL to gauge their interest.

We all agreed that upon receipt of images of the collection, we would split it four ways instead of bidding against each other.

In short order, I was on the phone with the seller, and he promised to send photos over the course of the next couple days.

The first images came in, and I was hoping for something rare or unusual. And, after the next few images, I continued that hope.

And, continued with the next images.

And, opened the next images with a little less hope, but some optimism.

And, when the next 5 emails came in with image attachments…

I promptly resized the 28 pictures, and sent them off to the others. The response was similar from each, no interest, not interested, and I will let you guys share the wealth.

So, that left me. Do I really need 100 more corkscrews, many of which are common? I mean, there are a couple of decent items in amongst the grapevine handled corkscrews.

I sent an email back to the seller explaining the others response. And, he followed up with a different option. And, so the entire collection is being sent to me, for me to sell off, and in return I will get to keep the ones that I want.

Sounds fair!

Here are a few that are of interest.

So, I will help the seller dispose of his collection, as he wants to downsize, and perhaps I may even sell a couple of the better ones to RL, MW, and TC!

BTW: on the Tommy Corkscrew Blog Watch, it has now been 71 days since it was last updated 🙂

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