box of corkscrews arrives

Well, actually it was two boxes…

Yes, two boxes of corkscrews containing 102 corkscrews arrived the other day, and this morning, I unpacked the boxes to see what treasures might be hiding amongst the few grapevines, Williamsons, plastic novelty corkscrews, and the much dreaded salt and peppy salt/pepper shaker corkscrew.

And, there are some interesting corkscrews within the collection. A Blackington Sterling boot corkscrew, a S.H. Co. No 1 Original Package T handle with Blade, a nice tusk with sterling endcap, a bone handled Henshall, and nice M-73 slider with an advertisement for Electro-Chemical Engraving.

All of the 102 corkscrews will be going up for sale, and while there are indeed a fair amount of common corkscrews, there are some good ones as well. And, if you happen to have the coffin guy (Bridgewater patent) that is either missing his top hat, or has a damaged worm, there is one of those too.

Of course if you are in the market for some grapevine, Williamson, novelty, plastic, or salt and peppy salt/pepper shaker corkscrews, let me know…

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