what a difference a day makes…

Or, perhaps more accurately, what a difference a couple of months can make…

The other day, there was a U-Neek (Wilson Brady) patent cork puller ending on eBay. With a couple hours to go, I checked the listing and it was at a few hundred dollars. Knowing that it would ultimately be hitting close to a thousand, I went about making dinner and the like.

However, yesterday morning when I happened to check eBay over my morning coffee(s), I saw that the U-Neek sold for a mere 413$

That is a great price, and should it be re-listed on eBay, it should make a for a nice profit. If one was to have been bidding on the U-Neek that was auctioned a couple of months ago, you would have paid over 1500!!!

What happened to the underbidders from the 1525$ U-Neek? Surely you guys didn’t find another since March? Not that I am complaining, as much as it never ceases to amaze me that a corkscrew will slip through one day while another will get serious attention.

Speaking of attention, Tommy you should probably posting something on your blog. It has been 90 days since your last posting!

On another corkscrew note, there was a nice corkscrew lot listed on a non-eBay auction website two days ago, and after seeing it, I phoned in an absentee bid. The lot itself contained 16 corkscrews and openers that were not that exciting, and one very nice 1886 patented corkscrew that was definitely bid worthy.

I have yet to hear if I ended up being the winning bidder, but if I am, I will report back here…

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