ultimate garage sale…???

Okay, so yesterday the lovely personal trainer and I headed off island, and made the one hour and forty-five minute drive to the Cumberland Fair Grounds, to attend what was billed as the “Ultimate Garage Sale.”

And, well…

How should I put this…?

You know when you are driving down the street, and see a sign for a garage sale, and you make the turn and head to the appropriate house, and upon seeing the myriad of offerings placed on the lawn, driveway, etc., you merely slow the car down to realize that there is no need to get out of the car?  That is what much of the Ultimate Garage Sale was like.

Booth to booth, we simply walked past and tried to remain hopeful as we approached (and walked past) the next, and the next.

Given that we had never been, you still have to go.  As you never know what might turn up.

Well, now we do know what might turn up…  Or, more accurately, what might NOT turn up.

There were indeed a couple of booths that did have antiques…but no corkscrews.

Okay, two corkscrews, but neither worth buying.  A broken Williamson and one of those jigger/gavel looking things.

So, the lovely and I, both agreed that we can skip the UGS next year…

Still, the ride back and forth on the boat, and up and down the coast, was fabulous–and a pretty fantastic way to spend an afternoon!