Curley Variations

Not so long ago, I picked up an embossed handled Curley patent corkscrew, and put in the corkscrew case.

However, given that I already had this particular corkscrew, I figured I would ultimately use it in a trade with another collector.

And, while having a phone conversation–regarding that same Curley—I took it out of the case and looked closely at it.

So, RL and I are discussing the potential trade possibilities, and I happened to pull out the other embossed handled Curley patent corkscrew and put the two next to each other.

They aren’t the same after all!

While they are indeed very similar the shank on one is a great deal bigger around than the other.  The bells are slightly different shapes.  The screws are a different size, and even the slots which allows the bells to rise have a slightly different design.

I explained this to RL, and so we started to discuss other trade possibilities, as I am a little obsessed with variations of the “same” corkscrew, and this will remain in the collection after all.

Now, this variation in size and dimensions, is not quite as exciting as finding a completely new and never seen before Curley, but still an interesting find.   And, a good reminder that when you pick up a corkscrew, and think it is a duplicate, you might want to double check, as John Morris explained in Vermont a couple of years ago at the ICCA AGM, “Little things make a difference.”

If you have a Curley corkscrew with which you would like to part–drop me a line!  I am sure I have something that actually is a duplicate, that will find a nice place in your collection!