More on the Ivory Murphy…

As mentioned a while back, I managed to procure an ivory handled signed. R. Murphy Boston corkscrew, and it will definitely be making the best 6 of this year.

After posting this picture, and a few others in a previous blog, Gary emailed to explain that the handle was Walrus Ivory.  Even with the chips to the handle, I am thrilled with the addition as I have a thing for Murphy corkscrews, and an Ivory handled Murphy was mentioned in Bob Nugent’s article on Murphy (available on my website).

In conversation with KC at Brimfield in May, he knew of Nugent’s Ivory Murphy, and wondered if somehow when Nugent’s collection had been split up and dispersed, that somehow the one in my possession was the very same corkscrew from Nugent’s collection.

When I got back from Brimfield, I emailed the person from whom I acquired the Murphy, and after hearing back, it seemed unlikely that it would have come by way of Nugent, to those who purchased his collection, then sold to a dealer from Texas, and ultimately sold to me.  Still…anything is possible.


Yes, there is always a big however…

Recently, I managed to procure a few documents relating to corkscrews, and one of which happens to be a reference for Bob Nugent’s Best Six from 1984, which has, amongst the other corkscrews, an Ivory handled Murphy direct pull, front and center; Nugent’s doesn’t seem to have the same chips or discoloration to the handle (which of course, I would refer to as ‘character’).

It would seem, that yes, there are indeed two versions of the ivory handled R. Murphy Boston corkscrew out there.  And, if we know of two…surely there is a third or fourth…

Just for your edification, in Nugent’s 1984 Best Six, he explains, Our California members will say, “look at that Will & Fink – or is it a Michael Price?”  The handle is walrus ivory, but the handle is marked R. Murphy/Boston.  I have another with the exact same handle in wood.  11.5 cm by 10.7 cm.

Of course, I would love to add the ivory handled Murphy that belonged to Nugent as well.  If you have it, drop me a line, perhaps we can work a trade : )  If you have an ivory handled Murphy corkscrew that didn’t belong to Nugent…you can email also!!!


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