Eskilstuna Hollweg

I have owned several Hollweg Patent corkscrews over the years, and it seems that if one wanted to try and acquire every variation of marking and size, you would have quite a collection.

Brass, steel, Sterling (if you count the Napier examples) and ranging from 3.3 to 8.5 cm in size, with variations in the way the handled is scalloped, to ultimately the markings that can be found, the number of variations are amazing.

I have owned the 1891 patent marked  “THE HANDY,” “PABST MILWAUKEE,” several marked “PATENT APPLIED FOR / PATENT ANGEMELDET,” “HENRY BOKER,” the Napier example marked “NAPIER STERLING PATENT APPLIED FOR,” C.T. Willet’s version marked “CTWS FLEXIBLE” and one or two others that I have since forgotten.

And, as of yesterday another Hollweg was added to the list.  This one is marked  “ESKILSTUNA”  &  “HEDENGRAN & SON”

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While I am pretty sure that this will not develop into some odd obsession with collecting an example of every advertisement or marking, and every variation of size, material, maker, etc. of the Hollweg corkscrew, it would be interesting to see how many variations are out there.

How many different Hollwegs do you each have?



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