back from NYC

This morning started with a relatively early departure from NYC. However, no traffic, no delays, and a beautiful day to be driving the mini from NY, through CT, through MA, through NH, and ultimately up the coast of Maine–followed by trip on the boat to the island.

The last few days were fantastic. Lots of good food, great wine, and fantastic company.

There were many adventures during the visit, including a trip to the Antiques Garage, where we met up with Andre Burgos. He always has fabulous stuff, and after perusing his booth, we came away with a beautiful Bacchus bronze mirror

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Should you be in NYC, you should make an effort to hit the Antiques Garage, you would be surprised what kind of stuff might show up. And, of course, a chance to visit Andre’s Tavern definitely worth the visit!

Of course other highlights included seeing the Tony Award winning musical “Once.” The show was fantastic, and definitely Tony worthy! (Yes, all 8 of them)!

A word of advice, while we had terrific seats in the mezzanine level, given the staging, look for orchestra level seating as walking across the theatre, it seems like those particular seats might make you feel even more part of the bar within which the musical takes place.

A fantastic few days, and the lovely and I look forward to the next adventure!

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