trading back…

There have been many trades made between RL and I over the years, one of the first involved a Gundlach & Sons Frary corkscrew, which I had acquired from an estate in Oregon. RL coveted the piece, and I was willing to send it his way.

As he since had gotten another, when we made another trade, the Gundlach was sent back to me. And, given my obsession with Frary, I was quite pleased to get it back.

In still another trade, I sent him a Sterling handled Converse patent, and while it a escapes me what I received in return, both sides were happy. Well, mostly, as I would gladly take the Sterling Converse back should another trade happen.

So, over the past few weeks we have been discussing potential trades, and the other day a deal was struck–and the (previously traded away) Sterling Converse has been re-traded and is heading back to the island, along with a Frary with bell.

Now it is safe to say that the Frary is indeed a double, and hopefully, a trade (with yet another collector) will be happening which will send the decorative handle Frary with bell assist, for this decorated handle Frary with henshall-type button…

We shall see!!!

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