P-38 with corkscrew…

The lovely certified personal trainer and I headed off island yesterday for an event called “Pop the Cork,” which was hosted by Cellar Door Winery, and was a benefit for Habitat for Humanity. And, with Boyz II Men headlining the event, how could we not go.

So, we went!

And, it was a fantastic turn out, with excellent food, nice wines, and unbelievable entertainment. And, in between acts, the lovely and I reminisced about the first time we saw Boyz II Men. It was right after Cooleyhighharmony was released over 20 years ago. How time flies…

After some brief errands this morning, we hopped on the boat and are now back. While I was waiting to help someone disassemble, move, and reassemble a new sleeper couch (something that apparently I am known for), I happened to find an interesting corkscrew listed on a non-eBay website.

Not a terribly rare corkscrew, but definitely an interesting little multitool.

In Ferd and Bert’s book on pocket corkscrews, they show a similar corkscrew with the description, “German corkscrew, cap lifter, can opener, and internal-stopper remover marked CREDO, sometimes marked Wilhelm Meyer Solingen and DRGM, registered in Germany. The rectangle cutout is placed on top of the matching top of the corks stopper to unscrew it from the bottle…”

After finishing the purchase, I did a quick search, as I had remembered that Don Bull had published something on a P38 corkscrews. And, after a quick search, his best 6 from 2005 came up, and there you see the same corkscrew.

Definitely a neat little corkscrew to add to the collection!