7 days, a Comedy and Tragedy Corkscrew, and a moribund blog…

Only 7 days until Brimfield starts again, and I will be heading down this coming Monday to be sure that I am traipsing the fields at daybreak (or perhaps before).

July’s Brimfield Antiques Show is usually a bit smaller, and a whole lot hotter than May or September, but still corkscrews do turn up. And, as mentioned in the past, all it takes is one find to make the day, or the week, or the year.

Speaking of a good find. This morning, I happened to check out eBay-UK and saw what looked to be one of those comedy/tragedy corkscrews. Not the one with the frame that is insanely rare, but a simple direct pull. When I saw the listing initially, it didn’t have a Buy it Now, but by the time I clicked and the listing opened, one had been added.

I stared for a moment, double checked past sales on the ICCAuction, and then went back to the item and promptly clicked the appropriate button.

Whomever requested the BIN to be added… Thanks!!!

And, not that I am keeping track, but it has been 106 days since Tommy last updated his blog, and depending on how you are counting that would be 9,158,400 seconds, 152,640 minutes, or 2544 hours.