Packing for Brimfield

I am in the process of packing for Brimfield, and decided to check the weather to see what is in the forecast.

Historically, the July show is hot, humid, with at least one thunderstorm–usually on Thursday. However, according to, it looks like it is going to be low to mid 80’s degrees each day, with no rain (or thunder and lightening) for the next week!

Hopefully, the nice temperatures will make for a little less grumpy antique dealers. In May, the dealers seem optimistic, but in the July heat, that optimism turns to complaints about the temperature, the lack of customers, the impending storms, the heat, the humidity, and the lack of customers. And, of course, the heat.

I will update the blog with any finds at the July show. There have been some disappointing July shows, as those of us hunting for corkscrews come up empty, or close to empty. Still, there have been some awesome finds at the July show as well; five dollar Singleton bow, Monfort patent champagne tap, Hicks and Reynolds, etc.

Whether something rare or hard to find, is well… found, we shall see. Still, how can spending 4 days antiquing in the sun be bad : )


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