Brimfield Day 2

So, this morning started a bit later, but still required an early wake up call. And, after the requisite cup(s) of coffee, I was soon heading to Brimfield.

I was lined up, and hadn’t seen Barry, so I figured he was on the opposite side of the field, as is his habit. And, when the gates opened, I scurried in with the other attendees.

This first particular field, has never really been good to me. And, with the exception of a couple of bottle openers, a few Anri stoppers, I have only bought a couple of items that resembled a corkscrew.

At the 9th booth, I did see a corkscrew that might be worth buying. And, after negotiating the price down, I was the proud owner of a Walker corkscrew with knife/blade on the handle. And, as far as corkscrews go, that was pretty much it for that field. 225 dealers, one corkscrew.

Not that there weren’t other corkscrews, there were. And, I am pretty sure they are still there, as when I ran into BT later that morning, we discussed what we each had picked up thus far. I showed him the Walker, and he explained that he had found a Flash.

With the smaller amount of dealers, it meant scouring the field went a bit quicker than usual, and I found myself meandering around waiting for the next field to open (and the next). And, as the time approached for the next field, BT and AB discussed corkscrews, and prices, and other stuff to kill the time.

About an hour after the field opened, I ran into Barry again. Still nothing worth buying, unless you wanted a tusk with sterling corkscrew with half of a helix and a 185 dollar price tag.

I’ll pass, thank you just the same.

And, the third field was similar. Nothing was there. I mean, other stuff was there. But, no corkscrews.

Did we buy all of them yesterday?

Still, I enjoyed the conversation, the sunshine, the friendly banter with the dealers, and I did manage to unload some misc. sterling silver stuff to a dealer friend. Oddly enough, I made more money than I spent today. While a nice turn of events, I would rather have spent said dollars on corkscrews–if I could find one!

On another note. Given the lack of dealers (and corkscrews, if I hadn’t mentioned it already) there was a decided rapidity with which the various fields were deemed “clear.” So, with a few hours free, I headed towards the Connecticut for a little research into our friend James D. Frary. After a phone calls, and a little convincing, I managed to get one of the researchers at the Connecticut Historical Society to unearth an 1886 pamphlet from the “Frary Manufacturing Company” of Bridgeport Connecticut…

I delicately removed the document from it’s envelope, and began pouring over the pages…

No corkscrews…

Seems, like a theme…

Anyway, the pamphlet did give a little history which will be added to the Frary story. Perhaps a catalog showing all Frary’s wares will turn up eventually.

The hunt continues! And, perhaps tomorrow at Brimfield, corkscrews again will be unearthed!

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