adding to the cork puller collection

Over coffee yesterday morning, I checked email only to find an inquiry about a corkscrew, and attached to said email of inquiry was three pictures.

And, accompanying the pictures was this message;

“I found this item in an old tool box in our garage and wondered if it is cork screw. It measures 5″ x .5″, made out of a metal.”

I looked at the pictures a couple of times, and thought it looked vaguely familiar.

I responded with, yes, it is a cork puller and wondered if it was something that they were interested in parting with.

The response was promising. The message said;

“…if it will fit into your collection, I would be interested in selling it.”

Hmmm… I wonder if I could manage to fit another corkscrew into the case.

I am pretty sure it will fit!

I did check the corkscrew case, to be sure however.

It is getting a little crowded in there, but I am pretty sure there is still room for it.

And, so an offer was made, a price agreed upon, and paypal funds transferred, and said cork puller was mailed out yesterday, and according to the tracking information soon will arrive on Vinalhaven.

After thumbing around through the various books (check O’Leary page 124) it was confirmed, this is an 1907 James B. Dodge patent Cork Extractor.

In Dodge’s patent description he explains, “The improved implement is in general a stock or handle, two arms spaced apart and extending from said handle and with sharpened terminals adapted to be inserted between the cork and the neck of the bottle, and a sleeve slidable upon said arms and adapted to compress them upon the cork and firmly grip the same and removing it from the bottle when the stock and its attachments are withdrawn.”

Sure… that makes perfect sense.

That said, if any of you have an old tool box filled with tools in your garage (or attic, or basement, or shed, or …) and one of them looks like it might facilitate the withdrawal of a cork, feel free to drop me a line!

I am sure I have room!

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