Trader’s Remorse & a potential best 6

I love trading corkscrews. And, over the years have made many trades many different collectors.

And, there have been a couple of times, where after the trade has been made, I kind of regretted giving up the corkscrew(s) that the two parties had agreed upon — I still honor the trade of course, I just hate to see them go.

I once traded a Thiery and Crosselmire silver overlay piece to Tommy during one of our marathon trade negotiations…and, had the opportunity to buy it back, as he happened to toss it on eBay a while later.

And, I once traded the Gundlach example of the Frary to Robert, before I was trying to collect every Frary on the planet. And, in an apparent moment of weakness, Robert agreed to trade that piece back after he had found another Gundlach.

I will have to say, that for the most part, I am fine with the deals that have been made. And, even with the T & C and the Gundlach, the deal was very fair, and I did net out nice corkscrews that I wanted, but still…for some reason I wanted to get those two pieces back.

I have lost track of how many trades have been made. Some are monumental where many corkscrews change hands, some are straight up deals one for one, and some, like a recent one with Don Bull, included a player to be named later.

To me, the trade, and the art of deal is one of the best parts of collecting. I found this corkscrew at a flea market for 15 bucks, you found your corkscrew at an antique show for 20, and we both know that the corkscrews have a significant, but similar, value. Let’s swap!

Still, a recent trade with RL, involved a cork puller that I had sent to him in trade several years ago. And, ever since, when we enter into trade negotiations, I have asked if that will be part of the deal. A few weeks ago, RL put the Sterling Converse on the trading block, and I didn’t hesitate.

It arrived on Friday, and now it is back in the collection, and here it will remain.

Also included in the deal was a Frary with decorative handle and bell assist. This one is indeed a double, and if you need it in your collection, I will be happy to trade–with little to no remorse–as it is a double : )

Let the trade offers pour in!

On another corkscrew note, the Dodge Patent arrived the other day as well. And, when I showed it to the lovely bride, she looked closely at it and said “best 6?”

Yes, definitely best 6…


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