running some errands

After a day or so of hanging out in Avila Beach, we realized that we needed a few more supplies, so yesterday morning I headed off to Trader Joe’s in SLO. And, knowing that the lovely bride wanted to hang out by the beach, and that I would get a little restless merely hanging out, she suggested that I hit some antique stores after picking up what was needed.

So, I headed to TJ’s, and shortly thereafter hit a couple of antique stores. At the third antique store I went to, one of the owners explained that I should head to Arroyo Grande, as there is a mall down there where one of the dealers did have corkscrews. Given it wasn’t that far away, I headed down, and after meandering the shop, did see that were indeed corkscrews for sale.

And, the dealer’s prices were pretty spot on. And, they had 3 different H & B MFG. corkscrews, some with blades, but the prices were just high enough that I opted to not buy them. Interestingly, a dealer two booths away also had a marked H & B corkscrew for 1/5 the price that the dealer with the the display.

I did buy that one.

After meandering a bit more, I headed to the register and paid for the H & B, and after a bit of discussion got a lead on someone that might also have corkscrews. I left my business card, and wondered if indeed they would contact me.

I started driving back to Avila Beach, when my phone rang.

The aforementioned lead was calling me, and telling me they just got back from an antiquing trip, and had some corkscrews that they recently found. We discussed what they were, and I was invited to their house to see what they had available.

And, so I soon found myself, pulling up to their house, and being waved into their garage where they had 50 or so corkscrews on a work bench.

Out of the 50, two were definitely going to be going home with me–well, depending on the asking price.

After a bit of corkscrewy conversation, I decided to make an offer. And, while I wanted to be fair, I was hoping for a good deal.

I threw out a price, and with little hesitation, the deal was done.

So, what are the two corkscrews, you ask?

The first is a Williamson corkscrew, but the unusual cellarman patented piece that is shown in O’Leary’s 2009 update, and one that I have never had before. It is marked, WILLIAMSON CO. NEWARK, N.J.
PAT. DEC. 13, 98

The second is a bit more exciting, as it has been on my want list for some time.

Definitely a nice addition to the collection; Thomas M. Strait’s American Patent Number 279,203 of June 12, 1883 and marked PAT.JUNE.12.83 on the barrel!

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