the Binners are getting creative

WIth the trophy just ripe for the taking, it seems those who are involved in Peter’s BIN contest are getting increasingly creative with hope of procuring both corkscrews, and the 2012 Binner’s title.

Here are some of the offers on this particular corkscrew on eBay UK


Ideally, one would read from the bottom up, as that would have been the order in which the questions were asked. Of course, my favorite part of reading the exchanges is the seller, Brian, seems to get quite a kick out of the attempts to BIN the corkscrew, and is a good sport about it.


Of course, no BIN was achieved, and the corkscrew remains online.  

Still, you have to admire the attempt.

Or maybe not… it seems that Mckayla Maroney isn’t impressed.


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