Finally, a corkscrew…

It has been a fairly slow week in the world of corkscrewing around, at least here on the island. And, while the focus is definitely on corkscrews–specifically the upcoming ICCA AGM–there hasn’t been a whole lot of corkscrews acquired recently.

That will be changing shortly however, as a deal was struck yesterday for a simple, but pretty cool corkscrew. Marked Williamson across the wires, it is a Clough with blade and brush. Definitely a cool corkscrew to add to the collection.

I have a Clough with a brush, but this will be a welcome addition given it has the blade as well.

Across the pond, Peter’s BIN contest is slow going. Not only in the apparent lack of Bins, but also in the lack of Bin reporting on Peter’s part. I am wondering if he is waiting until he has procured a few of his own before updating his contest/blog. Or, perhaps he is off playing music with Adele, or trying to get his old band “Suspicious Hummus” back together. Either way, clearly he has his priorities a little mixed up.


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