50 dollars for a flask and corkscrew…

The other day, I happened to be browsing around online, when I am across an interesting ad for a flask and corkscrew. I clicked the link, and what would come up but a flask and corkscrew.

The flask, is interesting enough, but the corkscrew, is definitely worth the asking price. However, I wasn’t sure if the flask and the corkscrew (for $ 50) were priced as a pair, or if the flask was being priced separately, and the corkscrew would have an all together different price.

I emailed the seller to verify price, and share my interest.

After a couple of emails, and a phone call, he asked I wanted the flask as well, and after responding that I didn’t, he decided what the appropriate price of the corkscrew should be–as apparently the asking price was indeed for both : )

I explained that I appreciated his willingness to separate the two, and I would gladly send him the cash, check, money order, paypal, or any other way he wanted payment sent, and I would pay for shipping as well.

I did request priority shipping, so the corkscrew, would arrive on the island in time to accompany the lovely and I to Dearborn, MI and then Chicago for the AGMs

I have a feeling, one (if not several) of the CCCCers or ICCAers will definitely want to add the corkscrew to their collection.

Of course, by the time the corkscrew makes it to Dearborn, the price might go up a bit.


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