He-man Master of the Universe

In Brimfield, in July, I happened to find a Heman Brooks patent multi-tool corkscrew. And, after showing to Barry, he explained that in all his years of collecting, he had only found one. Of course, obviously they made more than the one that he had found, and the one that I had just shown to him. Still, they don’t often turn up.

And, as of this morning, another Heman Brooks corkscrew is heading to the island.

For those that are scratching their heads, wondering how this is different than some of the other multitools with corkscrew that turn up with more regularity, take a look at the way the helix is wrapped and attached…

Once you have it in your hand, you can see the amount of work that went into this particular tool, and it is definitely one to keep an eye out for in your travels.

On a more important corkscrew note, tonight the CCCC AGM begins, and there will be corkscrews aplenty for buying, selling, trading, and auctioning. Pictures and news to follow, as our flight is delayed and we won’t land in Detroit for a couple of hours…

Stay tuned.