Instead of packing up corkscrews in my suitcase for the trip back from Chicago, I decided to pack them into priority boxes, and ship them insured back to the island. And, they arrived–safely–yesterday, and this afternoon I went about unpacking the boxes and putting the corkscrews away.

While a few corkscrews that were in Chicago, did find their way into other Addicts’ collections, I did manage to pick up a couple for myself as well.

I did miss out on Mark’s folding Hicks and Reynolds–hopefully I will manage to find one eventually.

That said, I did pick up a 5 tool bow, a nice peg and worm, an interesting German folding corkscrew, an unmarked Henshall with a concave button, and a Griswold patent over the course of the two meetings.

And, I may have a deal for a Jopson patent. This is still in the works, and the price is a little high for me. Hopefully with a little negotiating–and a couple of Guinnesses–we can get the price down a bit.

Also, the Syroco Indian arrived the other day, and if any of you are looking for one, I will put him on the trading block!


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