Double Duty Patent Wannabe

A while back, there was an interesting corkscrew listed on eBay with the title “Vintage wall mount, corkscrew and bottle opener.” The picture did show a corkscrew, but it looked a little odd, and I am sure that contributed to the lack of bidding.

During the ICCA Meeting, the auction was set to end and with 7 minutes to go, I had been outbid…at $ 12.50. Of course, knowing that we would be in the midst of corkscrewing around Chicago, I had set a snipe bid.

And, as fortune would have it, as the time ran down, auctionsniper did its job, and I won the corkscrew for nice price (about 40 bucks) Significantly less than my snipe, and after looking again at the listing came to realize there were only two bidders. The picture wasn’t that bad… Why did this one sneak through?

The wall mount corkscrew arrived yesterday, and while it needs to have some of the old paint removed from it. It is a pretty interesting corkscrew. And, actually quite well made.

And, it is nicely marked. Across the top it reads, DOUBLE DUTY BOTTLE OPENER PAT.APP.FOR. CROWN CAP REMOVER

And, it has the manufacturer’s information as well with, “MFRD. IN USA BY TAYLOR-BOBRICK, INC. CLEVELAND, O” across the bottom of the opener.

A nice addition to the Corkscrew Patent Wannabe collection!


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