a couple of beer corkscrews

Anytime I see beer advertising on corkscrews, I try to pick them up, as they have potential as tradebait for Tipped Worm Johnny and the other folk at the JFO. And, yesterday, I grabbed a couple of nice ones.

In the corkscrew world, these may not be that exciting as they are simple Walker and Williamson corkscrews. In the JFO world, it is all about the beer advertisement that these corkscrews (or openers) carry, and what is a simple Walker, for example, takes on a whole new significance if that particular brewery doesn’t turn up regularly.

And, this pair looks to be pretty cool, with the advertising in really good shape.

These will be thrown (placed gently) onto TWJ’s tradebait pile, and we shall see what happens at the meeting in April–unless he finds something for me first and a trade gets done sooner.

A non-corkscrew note, the San Francisco Giants clinched the NL West last night. Go Giants!


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